Whipped Cream Machine – Light Air Gun 500ml

$129.99 $84.99-$129.99
$129.99 $84.99-$129.99

Kitchen Gift Shop. New Whipped Cream Machine. Good Classic Dessert Tool. Light Air Gun. For the Love of Real Food. Best Home Chef. Local NZ Buy. Sale On Today.



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Keep it Fresh.

Our On Style Cream Whipper is a Low Work, High Impact, Easy to Use Family Friendly Kitchen Tool and Makes for a Creative Culinary Gift. A Handheld Piece of Kitchen Equipment that Uses Nitrous Oxide Gas to Whip Ingredients, Which Gives Them a Soft and Pillowy Texture.

Impress Yourself and Friends at the Squeeze of the Trigger and Make High-Quality Desserts the Easy Way. You Can Create Many Kinds of Soft and Delicious Sweet Desserts, Ice Cream, Sweet or Sour Mousses with Our Cream Whipper Kitchen Tool.

Professionally Constructed to Aerate and Whip Fresh Desserts, Confectionary Cream, Sauces and Foams. Our 500ml Cream Whipper Comes with three spouts to make Decorating Cakes Easy and Fun Plus a perfect sized Cleaning Brush.

Culinary Uses.

Whips Creams, Flavoured Coffee Toppings, Delicate Sauces, Sweet and Savoury Gourmet Toppings, and Light Mousses in Seconds. Use Cold or Warm Ingredients to Make Cold or Warm Foams and Sauces. Yields 4 Times the Amount Pured into cream whipper in seconds. Yields up to twice the amount of whipped cream compared to other whipping methods. Keeps Whipped Cream Fresh for Up to Two Weeks in the Refrigerator.

Lightweight and Ergonomic, Fitting Perfectly into a Refrigerator Door Shelves for Optimum Storage. Our Whipped Cream Machine is an Innovative, High-Quality Product for the Professional Kitchen Used to Prepare Light and Fluffy Fresh Whipped Creams and Flavoured Desserts in a Matter of Seconds.

The Cream Must have a Minimum Fat Content of 28% to Produce Whipped Cream with a Dispenser. The Recipe for the Cream to be Whipped Typically Calls for Heavy Cream and Sugar, Along with Any Desired Flavourings or Colourings.

In a Sealed Container, this Cream is Pressurized with Nitrous Oxide, which Dissolves into the Cream as Per its Lipophilicity. When the Whipped Cream Machine’s Valve is Opened, the Cream Solution is Expelled by the High Pressure Inside. The Change in Pressure Causes some of the Dissolved Gas to Return to Bubbles, Effectively Fluffing Up the Cream.

Nitrous Oxide is Used Because it Dissolves Easily into the Cream, and Does Not cause the Cream to Oxidize While it is in the Can. It Inhibits Bacteria Growth, So a Charged Cream Dispenser can be Kept Fresh in the Refrigerator for up to Two Weeks.


Capacity: 500ml.

Material: Aluminum Body and Head, BPA Free Spouts.

Colour: Black

Size: 8cm Wide x 31cm High with Attachment

Contents: 1x Cannister, 1x Whipped Head, 1x Cleaning Brush, 1x Protective Cap, 1x Charge Holder, 3x different Spouts.

Please Note –  Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Chargers are Not Included.

But are Cheaply Available in Many Stores.