Sauerkraut – Recipe

Our Raw German Sauerkraut Recipe is Gluten Free, Extremely Delicious and Truely Nourishing. Making a Small Batch of Sauerkraut is Easy, Fun and Delicious.

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Easy Kraut.

Sauerkraut is a Holistic and Delicious way to Add Raw Flavour to Almost Any Savoury Meal. Get Creative and Improvise if You Feel the Need to Make it Your Own.

Ingredient List.

1 Big Green or Purple Cabbage Head, Very Finely Shredderd.
1 Tablespoon Salt.


1. Shred Your Cabbage with Food Processor or Be Hard Core and Finely Cut with Knife. Make Sure You Reserve the Outer Leaves of Cabbage to Later Cover the Shredded Cabbage During Fermentation.

2. Put the Shredded Cabbage into a Large Bowl, add 1 Tablespoon of Salt and Gently Massage it into the Cabbage until the Liquid Starts to Release.

3. Pack the Mixture Firmly into a Large Jar, Crock or Bowl. Press the Cabbage Down Firmly until the Liquid Rises Above it, to about half a cm. Place the Reserved Leaves over the Top, Allowing them to Extend Partially up the Side of the Crock or Jar.

4. Cover and Place a Clean Bio Degradable Paper Towel on Top of Jar and Hold Paper Towel Around the Jars Neck with a Clean Rubber Band. If You are using a Large Jar for Your Kraut, Put a Plate and Weight on Top of the Cabbage, Then Cover with a Clean Dish Towel.

5. Allow the Kraut to Ferment in a Cool, Dark and Dry Place for at least 7 Days and up to 14 Days, Depending on Your Desired Degree of Flavour and Sourness.

6. Once the Kraut is Ready, Store in Sealed Jars, in the Refrigerator for up to 6 Months.


Make Sure You Have Clean Hands and Kitchen. Do Everything You can to Store Sauerkraut at a Cool Room Temperature. At High Temperatures the Sauerkraut can Sometimes become Unappetisingly and Go Bad. Low Temperatures (Above Freezing) are Fine, But Fermentation will Proceed More Slowly.


May Upset the Stomach of People who are New to Eating Raw Sauerkraut and Raw Foods.
Best to Slowly Introduce Sauerkraut in Small Volumes, like a Teaspoon at a Time. It’s Best to Store in Glass Jars in the Refrigerator.