Olive Leaf – Organic Tea

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$4.99-$329.99 $3.99-$172.99

Good Tea Gift Shop. Organic Olive Leaf. Happy Me Free Time. Natural Fit Food. Sexy Keto. Local Love. Best Buy. Hot Online Sale.

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We Love Tea.

A Light Steeping Delivers a Satisfying Mellow Flavour. Organic Olive Leaf Herbal Tea is Completely Unique and Tastes like Nothing Else.

Organic Olive Loose Leaf Tea is More Than Just a Herbal Refreshment and Has Many Wellness Uses. Can be Used to Gargle for Mouth and Gum Complaints. Holistically Used in Ancient Egypt.

Why We Only Use Loose Leaf Tea. The Tea Leaves Used in Most Bags are Actually the Dust from Broken Tea Leaves and this is a Huge Compromise in Quality and Taste, Compared to Loose Leaf Tea. Our Loose Leaf Teas are Organically Rich in Essential Oils and Aroma.

Organic Ingredient – Olive Leaf Tea.

Serving Size – 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup. Preparation – Lightly Boiled Water to Your Tea and Allow to Steep for 7-15 Minutes. Can Be Cold Infused, Just Double the Time of Infusion.

Non-Gmo and Free From Caffeine, Soy, Nut, Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Artificial Colours, Flavours, Sweeteners and Preservatives. (Vegan, Keto, Paleo). #Nothing-Fake. We Do Not Use Organic Flavours or Fake Flavours. Just the Natural Taste of the Ingredients. Storage – Store in a Cool Dry Place, Away from Direct Sunlight.

Country of Origin – Spain. Certification* – Organic Certified*. Treatment Status – No ETA, No Irradiation. All Batches are Tested for Heavy Metals, PAHs 2, PAHs 4 and Are Confirmed to Be Absent of, Or Below the Specified Maximum (Trace) for this Product. Hand Packaged in New Zealand.

Allergen Statement – Packaged @ (MPI Approved) Gluten-Free Facility. Our Packaging is 100% Reusable and Compostable. Breaks down within 6-18 Months. All Orders are Freshly Packaged in an Air-Tight, Ultraviolet Protecting Zip Lock Foil Pouch for Optimum Freshness.