Marshmallow Root – Organic Tea

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$4.99-$299.99 $3.99-$169.99

Best Gift Shop. Marshmallow Tea. Smart Classic. Organic Root. Happy Free Time. Natural Food. Hot Cup. Real Fast. Sexy Keto. Local Love. Buy NZ Made. Sale Today.

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We Love Tea.

Organic Marshmallow Root is a Botanical Tea that has a Long History, Dating Back Thousands of Years as a Holistic Tonic and a Natural Mouth Rinse. A Timeless Herbal Remedy.

Great for Making a Natural Wellness Tonic, or Your Own Raw Beauty Gel and Soothing Mucilage Mask. Try as an Organic Marshmallow Mouth Rinse and Simply Swish and Gargle the Cold Infused Tea.


Serving Size – 1 Tsp (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation – Add Boiled Water to Your Organic Marshmallow Root Tea and Allow to Steep for 5-15 Minutes.

Cold Infusion – To Make a Cold Infusion You will Need a Jar and Lid, Plus Marshmallow Root and Lukewarm Water.

Simply Fill a Jar 1/4 of the Way with Organic Marshmallow Root and Then fill the Jar with Lukewarm Water and Cover with a Lid.

Let Sit for a Minimum of 4 Hours or Overnight. The Water should Change Colour to a Soft Yellow. Strain off the Organic Roots. The Resulting Liquid should be Thick and Viscous.