Kombucha Starter Kit – Organic Probiotic Tea

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$19.99-$46.99 $11.99-$26.99

Since 2009 We Have Supplied NZ with the Best Organic Kombucha Starter Kits. Buy our Raw Culture/Scoby with Recipe and Make Fermented Probiotic Tea at Home.



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Save Money and Make Your Own Nourishing Kombucha Herbal Elixir at Home with Eternal Delight’s Trusted and Easy to Follow Starter Kit.

Our Delicious Kombucha has Been Incredibly Popular Since 2009 and is Now Available for You to Recreate at Home.

Since 2009, Eternal Delight Has Supplied New Zealand with Kombucha Starter Kits and Has Educated Many Wellness Enthusiast on How to Make the Best Raw Fermented and Organic Probiotic Tea.

Kombucha has Been Around for More than 2,000 Years and Has a Rich Anecdotal History of Benefits.

Be Creative and Make Your Favourite Craft-Batched and Home Brewed Flavours to Reap the Rewards of Deliciously Great Wellbeing.

Please note that our scobies vary in size and shape throughout the year. Scobies grow slower, hence are thinner, during the colder seasons. Size and shape of scoby do not matter, even a small scoby will effectively ferment. The same applies to scobies with holes, they will work just fine even if they have been torn in half.
And if you wondered about a scoby that sank to the bottom of your container, is floating sideways, rose to the top of the liquid, etc. Is this normal? Depending on a number of factors, the scoby may sink, float or sit sideways. Any of these is normal and will not affect the brewing process.


The Organic Starter Kit Contains: Recipe (Which is on Back of Package) – Organic Kombucha Culture/Scoby/Mother/Mushroom and Starter Fluid.

One Kombucha Starter Kit Makes 1-3 Litres of Kombucha, at One Time.

Store in Fridge When Not In Use.

Simply Add Fresh Water, Sugar and Tea, Every Cycle.

Great for Brewing in a 2-3 Litre Glass Jar or Any Other Container.

In 8-21 Days (Pending on the Four Seasons) Ready to Harvest.

With Regular Care You’ll have a Lifetime of Kombucha Tea.

Always Refrigerate Kit when Not in Use.


Heres Our Simple – 3 Litre Recipe.

  1. Boil 3 Litres of Water.
  2. Add 1 Cup of Raw Sugar. Stir until Sugar has Melted.
  3. Add 5-7 Tea Bags or 2-3 Tsp Loose Tea.
  4. Steep Tea for 5-10 Minutes.
  5. Cool to Room Temperature and Keep Covered. Be Aware of Contamination.
  6. Pour Cooled, Room Temperature Tea Liquid into Fermenting Container/Glass Jar.
  7. Add Kombucha Culture and Fluid from Eternal Delight’s Starter Kit.
  8. Cover with a Clean Paper Towel or Coffee Filter and Seal Tight with Clean Rubberband. Set Aside in a Quiet, Warm and Dark Undisturbed Spot with Good Air Flow. Try Not to Disturbed.
  9. Ferment 8-21 Days, To Your Taste.
  10. When Bottling Make Sure You Save 1/2 Cup of Fluid and Kombucha Culture to Begin Another Brew.


Organic* Ingredient – Kombucha Scoby*, Kombucha Fluid*.

Note – Never Touch Kombucha Culture with Your Hands and Never Breathe Directly Over Scoby, To Eliminate Cross Contamination.