Red Bush – Rooibos Tea

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$4.99-$149.99 $3.99-$99.99

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We Love Tea.

Red Bush is a Delicious and Popular Herbal Tea Among the Fit and Wellbeing Conscious. Rooibos is a Great Wellness Alternative to Coffee, Black and Green Tea.

South African Rooibos, Aka Red Bush is an Herbal Loose Leaf Tea that Possesses a Delicious Sweet, Woody Flavour and is Ideal for People who want a Well Rounded Caffeine-Free Drink.

Red Bush is a Culinary Botanical that is Most Delicious when Turned into a Latte Base.

Simply Add Your Favourite Milk Substitute to Your Rooibos Herbal Tonic and Enjoy a Fuller Flavour and Texture.


Ingredient – Rooibos (Red Bush) Loose Leaf Tea.

Gluten and Caffeine Free.

Serving Size – 1 Teaspoon (1g) Per Cup.

Preparation – Add Lightly Boiled Water (90°c to 95°c) to Your Rooibos Tea and Steep for 2-3 Minutes.

Hand Packaged.

Country of Origin – South Africa.

Treatment Status – No ETA, No Irradiation.

All Batches are Tested for Heavy Metals, PAHs 2, PAHs 4 and Are Confirmed to Be Absent of, Or Below the Specified Maximum (Trace) for this Product.

Hand Packaged in New Zealand.