Extra Virgin Chia Seed Oil – New Zealand Organic

$4.99-$899.99 $3.99-$449.99
$4.99-$899.99 $3.99-$449.99

Organic Gift Shop. New Zealand’s Best Chia Seed Oil. Cold-Processed. Fit Flavour. Extra Virgin Body Oil. Real Food Dressing. Buy NZ Made. Hot New Sale Today.

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Real Fit Flavour.

Perfect for the Culinary Artist. Our Organic Cold-Processed New Zealand Chia Seed Oil is a Real-Food Power-House Showcasing a Perfectly Mild Flavour and Should Be in Every Home Wellness Kitchen. An Aromatic Virgin Oil that Can Also Be Enjoyed Topically to Nourish Your Skin and Applied to Your Raw Beauty Care Routine.

New Zealand Extra-Virgin Chia Oil is an Excellent Organic Source of Energy at 515KJ Per Serve. Our Bodies Need Energy from Plants to Grow and Repair Themselves, Keep Warm and Do Physical Activities.

Eternal Delight’s Cold-Pressed Organic Chia Oil is an Excellent Source of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. Having Energy Through Wholesome Food, Contributes to Normal Metabolism, Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance.

Naturally Derived from the Ancient Superfood Chia Seed and Grown in New Zealand Organically Free of Pesticides and Chemicals. Organic Chia Oil’s Biological Properties are not Diminished in the Cooking Process and Has the Ability to Turn Everyday Food into a Functional Whole-Food Power House.


Pure New Zealand Organic Ingredient – Extra-Virgin Chia Seed Oil. (Cold-Pressed).

Raw and Free of Gluten, Dairy, Caffeine and Sugar. (Vegan).

Serving Size – 1 Tbsp (15ml) Per Serve.

Preparation – Mix with Water, Juice, Your Favourite Fruit Smoothie, Overnight Oats, Bliss Balls, Protein Shake, Ice Cream, No Bake Desserts, Pasta, Salads or Use in Your Gourmet Home-Made Recipes etc.

ED-I – Try as a Nourishing and Mattifying, Extra-Virgin Light Weight Face Serum. (Your Skin Will Love It).

It is Best Not to Heat Above 150 Degrees Celsius to Preserve Natural Wellness Benefits. Also, an Excellent Choice for those Unable to Swallow Capsules.

Storage – Keep Refrigerated After Opening. Will Last a Maximum of 12 Months Once Opened.

ED-I – Best Stored in Freezer for Maximum Self Life.

Hand Packaged.

Country of Origin – New Zealand.

Certification – Organic Certified.

Treatment Status – No ETA, No Irradiation.

All Batches are Tested for Heavy Metals, PAHs 2, PAHs 4 and Are Confirmed to Be Absent of, Or Below the Specified Maximum (Trace) for this Product.

Hand Packaged in New Zealand.